Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Tribute

A tribute to Benson Seow Chung Hong

Happy Birthday, pal. You made us proud.

The way you talk: not very loud.

Yet it resonates into our heart.

For why you ask? Well that's a start.

You never fail to keep us laughing.

By doing absolutely nothing.

You are a quiet man.

But that's not why I am a fan.

Sometimes when I make a joke


Adjust your specs and pop your collar

Cuz you know the girls will hollah

We know where you are, you might ask how.

Cuz foursquare updates: @ Alif now!

Benson we hope you enjoy your birthday

Even though you won't come to Play (cuz its gay)

So cheers to you, you're nineteen years.

Hope you get that girl and beat your fears.

You know we'll always be beside you.

You're Benson Seow, hot as hell and that is TRUE.

By: Danny Hoe

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Class Outing Extravanganza

So I know the BBQ wasn't all that grand, but not all that doesn't glitter is gold.... What?!

It was more or less fun, yes? I'll answer that one for you.

Fuck yeah. We (some) played some awesome Big Eagle Protect Small Cock (according to Ming Swee) and played a game of (Half)Truths and (Voluntary)Dare.

Okay, I don't mean to be rudely demanding but we need to do something that will bring us TOGETHER. Think of it practically; next year, we need to have dynamics that work and social interaction can help build that rapport.

So as your responsible, caring and very capable (especially for certain final year leadership roles) class representative, I am organizing yet another class outing that is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Serious business as in it's gonna cost you some. Unfortunately to much dismay, a lot of things in this world aren't free. Nor is it gonna only cost the seemingly generic $10 that every outing always costs.

I will put down a number of options for you to choose amongst. Do be patient and don't hesitate because your decision will matter, as there are only 19 of us. Still, don't take your time. :)

RULES: Vote for TWO Numbers then SMS me. Any questions also can ask on the comment box. Replies BEFORE 10th March.

I will not entertain impractical questions. I will, however, reply them. I was just never good at entertaining people.

Date: Mid-April


1. Paint Ball

Price: $35.90 for 100 bullets, roughly 1:30HR worth of fun and pain.

Note: Yes, you WILL get bruised with internal bleeding. I don't want to scare you, but it's the truth. Still, it is very fun, and I will be voting for this one.

2. Singapore Zoo/Night Safari and Zoo

Price: $20/$47

Note: Can go for either/or/both. I'm pretty sure the Polar Bears are gone. I went there to see the Polar Bears and they disappeared and I asked the attendant if it was because of Global Warming.

3. Lazer Tag (Lame, TBH)

Price: Approx. $30 for 2 games

Note: This one is a more technological and safer version of paintball. You actually get to know who shot you, etc. Not safe for high-degreed spectacle users. The laser beams will focus its energy on your eyeballs causing you to lose your sight. JK.

4. Class Chalet (3D2N)

Price: $30 each

Note: An increase from the previous one. Don't ask why.
I know all of you don't want to live like a hobbit again.

5. Universal Studios

Price: $60-70

Note: Based on Weekend/Weekday shit, I dont even...

F. Hong Kong Trip

Price: $200

Note: You can't vote for this because it's an alphabet. HAHA.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Humble Beginnings

Check out this scene video guys

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jeanette's funny.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Taking a break from mmr ugh

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

Okay this is really cool and inspiring (the concept especially). See if you can figure out the words/phrases!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beach Outing Schedule

Although Sentosa does not look even remotely close to the above picture, basic psychology explains that the above picture WILL make you picture Sentosa as such, and therefore, increase your chances of turning up.


Anyway, here is the schedule:

11AM: Meet at VivoCity MRT.

11.15AM: Abandon the late-comers and proceed to Giant SuperMart

11:17AM: Abandon window-shoppers and toilet-travelers and reach Giant SuperMart

11:19AM: Abandon people who wait for the above abandoned people and have a lonely shopping venture at Giant SuperMart

11:25AM: Slit my wrist

(Travel back through time) 11:15AM: Purchase snacks, drinks, desserts, etc from Giant SuperMart

12PM: Have Brunch at VivoCity

1:30PM: Travel to Sentosaaa!

1:45PM: Get lost in Sentosa trying to find the place because I don't know where either.

2PM: Ask for directions.

2:15PM: Reach counter for Check-In

2:30PM: Put our luggage in the tiny room.

2:35PM: Prepare for Beach Outing (Chang into your bikinis, swimsuits, birthday suit, etc)

2:50PM: Proceed to Fort Siloso Beach (Or any one of those)

3:00PM: Do whatever we want. (Picnic, Beach Games, etc.)

6:00PM: [IF STILL HUNGRY] Dinner at the nearby Koufu, I think... Or was it Kopitiam.

7:00PM: Return back to chalet to wash-up together :D

10:00PM: After EVERYONE has washed up. Yes it takes that long.

8:15PM: Just kidding. After everyone has washed up, we'll play some night games. Everyone bring some board games. No monopoly or whatever standardized family games. More like novelty games.

10:00PM: Whoever Muslim needs to go home and whoever non-muslim chickens need to go home also, URGH GO HOME.

10:05PM: Farewell session and final attempts to convince people to stay.

10:10PM: Prank call Danny.

10:30PM: Hopefully you'd stop thinking about this schedule because only the meeting time is important.

11:PM: Stop reading, and have a sense of free will.


This is not a joke, btw. Most of it isn't, anyway.

See you there! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cass Idol 2010

Thank you guys sooooo much for coming down to the event and cheering for me like I was a performer......... You all make me feel so warm and fuzzy wuzzy inside :')

LOVE YOU GUYS! (If I were to pick between digging my nose to feel the ultimate shiokness or you guys, 02 WINS HANDS DOWN (literally too cos I cant pick my nose)!!!!!!!!!!!!!


omg ushaa and hylman's not in the picture!!!! so greedy lorrrrrr om nom nom nom